street art magazine

street art magazine - student project

Version 1

This is my first layout project. The tips in the class were very helpful.

I would love to hear how I can improve this project.

I worked in photoshop with 6 column grid (I found it was easier to have fewer columns). I have recently started documenting the street art in my neighborhood and it inspired this project. 

street art magazine - image 1 - student project

Improved version 1

Based on Ellen's suggestions I made the font smaller and added space between pages. The font size is 40px, which is still pretty big for magazine and print but having copy 10 or 12px seemed very little

street art magazine - image 2 - student project


After submitting the first version of the project I started thinking more about the layout. I took a notebook and pencil and sketched some ideas. Here is the result of my exploration. I'm particularly happy about version 3. I like how the small sticker is enlarged out of scale. To keep  lot of white space and breathing room I decided to display only one image. Because the image is so large, I kept the other page very simple and symmetrical.

Font: Helvetica - In this exercise I decided to concentrate on layout, not on the font. I decided to use the popular Helvetica to keep my focus.

street art magazine - image 3 - student project

Version 3

street art magazine - image 4 - student project