story the lost dog

story the lost dog - student project


The owner left without realized her dog was outside walking the streets. This young girl named Samantha saw and want to take her or him home with her till they find the owner. The parent to the young girl said no because you don’t know where it have been and could get you sick. They went to town on the same day a little bit later and saw the same dog again. The young girl got very depressed about not helping this dog out. So her parents started talking about how she wants a dog. So when her birthday came around. She got a surprised, it was a puppy. She was so excited. When she got older and had her own house that she working part-time for Avon. She was taking a walk on the street when she found that same dog as she wanted as child to take care of but remember her parents told her no.  So she grab the dog. The dog followed her into her house. Samantha went on the computer to types up flyers and she left the dog inside the house with the other dog.  She all sudden wanted to open an animal shelter in couple years. So 1 day the owner called looking for the dog but she asked for the address and she realizing she was moving into apartment in the big city where they wouldn’t keep dogs. So she asked Samantha if she could be his new owner. She said yes, and was very excited and happy. So couple years later after she got done working for Avon and that when she opened the animal shelter for dogs and cats. So she was very excited, and till one day she got home. Her first dog got hurt somehow but didn’t know what yet. So she took her to vet they thought she got stuck in something like a gate. So the next day, she went to work at the animal shelter and when a boy asked her if she need help with anything. So the boy help her a lot.  So when she got back home the puppy as her surprised birthday present didn’t make it. It was very depressed day for her next day. So she went to get ready for her grand opening for the animal shelter. When this girl came up to her and said are you okay, you like you are very sad. How about you take a break, and I can work on things for you. So that night it look so amazing what that girl did to the place. So a lot of people heard about the new animal shelter, so they came and thought it was very amazing and a safe place.  Couple of other girls ask the owner of shelter why she choose this area to help with animals? She said she love animals and don’t like to see them get hurt or abusive. So that why I decide to open an animal shelter. Then those same girls ask would their be volunteer people that can help out. She said yes, so the girl were amazed.  So she got a list of volunteer that wanted to help out and saw that one name that pop in her head that she remember who helped her while she lost her first dog. So after all she got people working for her and volunteer for her as different stuff. She could go back to college and finish her degree. She finally did graduate and she has amazing life future ahead of her. That boy she worked with bought two dog that were strays they were side of the road and she put them in the animal shelter till their owner knows they are missing. So those two kids were sister asking the sister named Emily and Sarah. They asked Samantha how everything was going, they were about 15 or 16 years old. She told them, all the animals are doing fine but they need someone to play with. You could both help out after school, your parent would drop you off and I would take you home. Those young girl didn’t know responsible till one day after school they were drop off at the new animal shelter, and start playing with the animal but the owner went to check on them the dog fence area was open. So she told the girls in nicely way, please shut the gate after you take  a dog into the fence area. The girl said yes mam and they said they were sorry. So maybe hour later the owner took them home, and said to them this one last time. If you don’t close the gate they could get out and escape and you won’t see that dog again. So  they understood after that. So when they got home, they told their parent they had a little experience about learned something about the animal shelter. So the owner has amazing life in ahead of her. In those kids were god and listening. So the owner did a really good thing and make a big dream come true by take responbilty and god came in show her the way. So what a miracle life she had.