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stop thinking


I'm Ciara, I'm an animator from Ireland. When I first watched the video I had the word "juxtapose" in my head, I looked up from my computer and saw a bunch of feathers (for a mask) and my lamp. So I put the two together...

They were sitting right beside each other for days, and I never thought to do this til after I watched the video, it seems so obvious now. I started thinking about juxtapositions, and immdiately ideas came to mind like a chihuahua t-rex. But the point of the mood boards is to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions.

I have loads of images on my computer, so I thought the best way to stay spontanious would be to pick a random sample. I stayed away from all the animation and arty type images I have and tried not to think about what I was choosing.

I think it would've been best to print out the moodboards and make combinations by hand, photoshop is a bit slower and more deliberate. I might still print them out, but for now here's my juxtapositions.


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