stop STRESSING and get shit DONE!


My first quizzzz.... looks like there is some room for improvement!  (Danger, DANGER)

Working on uploading all of my "Open Loops" - I had already started a similar list (just to get everything out of my brain - so hopefully that helps :)


Well I got everything entered into Todoist.... even that involved a little procrastination on my part, but I've finally got all of the pieces into the form :)


I have noticed that my workflow at work has become more difficult as we move from "folders" to "paperless" for our orders....

*Got my personal email / inbox down to zero!!! Now onto the work email :)  I feel like my delete key might wear out soon, but its so refreshing, I feel like a weight has ALREADY been lifted.

*And Flew through my work email!!! I'm so proud!  I now have everything in its place or archived!

3/11/14:  Well this is embarrassing!! I got a little off track and things seemed to fall apart. Luckily I noticed that I was feeling down because I wasn't accomplishing anything > which was because I didn't know what to work on > which led me right back into the GTD lessons with open arms!  Now if I can just power through the "organization steps" I think I will be way ahead (and my brain will be so happy :)

I've placed all of my ToDoist tasks into projects AND then into Areas of Responsibility  (I accidentally did the "areas" right along side of the projects. I've done the same with my Evernote Notebooks.  I'm wondering if you can put notebooks inside of each other?  Like Areas of Resposibility vs. Projects?  We'll see as I move forward.

Ok - so after deleting and re-assembling my "stacks" multiple times through out the day today, I'm going to stick with what I have below (at least for the time being). I'm writing my "To Do" Lists down each night (as it helps me prepare for the day ahead) and utilizing @next (in Todoist) to show me things I could possibly work on, but that have no due date.  Maybe I'll switch to the 1-2-3-4 system as I become more comfortable, but for now this makes the most sense in my brain :) I've numbered them so they stay in the same order as what I have in Todoist.

I also just want to recap what I'm using for "tags" in ToDoist:

If I'm putting into my calandar (ical) then I'll assign the same date in ToDoist (with no tag)

@someday = future (someday/maybe) projects, aspirations, goals, etc.

@next = things that need to be done now (Next Actions)

@waiting = waiting for someone to reply/get back to me on a specific task (Waiting For)

3/17/14:  I've created my lists based on the examples!


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