Carolina Godinez

Promotion Manager



staying active for my future self and kids

My Name is Carolina and I work as a promotion manager for a fitness gym called World Health.

FItness has always been a passion for me and since i can remember i have always been working out and or a part of a team. I started swimming when i was 6 and did some competitive swimming down the road and became a lifeguard when i was 16.


My goal is to lose 3% bf and maintain a body composition of 20% I dont need a 6 pack but i do want to be strong and healthy for when i do have chidren i dont have any or minor complications when giving birth as well as be able to hold my child and play with them without having to reach for a pill that will only cure pains and aches for a few short moments. I want my life to depend on nutrition not pills.

Currently: 23%

Timeframe: 3 months


1) Eat Cleaner - I started on the paleo diet and joined to give me some ideas as well as sticking to my roots and eating alot of mexican food :) Hot spicey food and lots of meat. Paleo requires MEATS, VEGGIES, NUTS AND SEEDS. I throw in fruit as i love fruit and thats where i get my carbs from but i keep it to moderation. Yes i will indulge every so often as long as i deserve it. By indulge i mean have a small piece of cake every two weeks for sticking to my healthy eating

2) Training 3-4x a week to build some muscle. The more muscle i have the more i help my metabolism work to burn off the fat as fuel.

3) Encourage my boyfriend to lead a healthier and active lifestyle so we can help each other and support each other.

4) Drink more water - i dont drink pop except on a rare occasion but i dont drink as much water as i should

5) Sleep - at least 6-8 hours a day

Well sounds like I have my work cut out for me :)

Lets see how it goes from now till end of march beginning of april.


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