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stay street.

I havent really drawn or anything since I was in high school, so my sketches are a little rough on the eyes! I am living proof that I will buy anything that has a band's name on it if there isn't much of a selection--at the last show of the Save Rock and Roll tour, the only TOP merch shirt left was the red tokyo shirt (which isn't my favorite shirt in the world, but thats my opinion) but I still bought it because I wanted to support the band. SO I guess the point of my story is that if theres not much of a selection, people will still buy it!

(1) going with the band's traditional logo and the idea of negative space.. i'm thinking the tshirt could be either black or white. then the circle would be the opposite color of what the tshirt was. the horizonal bar in the |-/ would be the same as the shirt (no ink on the shirt) and the text would be the same color as the circie, with the left vertical bar being blue and the right diagonal bar being red. plain. simple. 

(2) attempting to go on the reggae theme with island life--a skeleton laying on a beach towel on a beach with a palm tree or two with the waves washing up letters spelling TWENTY ONE PILOTS onto the shore. 

(3) from the TOP introduction video for the fueled by ramen street team, "STAY STREET" exploded to be one of the phrases associated with the band. with a double yellow line running down the center of the shirt and STAY STREET mirroring on each side of the lines and the |-/ logo in a stop sign.

(4) power to twenty one pilots. being local dreamers from ohio. using negative space to create their logo going through the state/phrase.


decided to do away with concept 2. althought the idea is different and tells a story without telling a story, from what tyler was saying about the music he is currently writing, it doesn't really make sense until that music comes out. 
I've gotten positive feedback on both 1 and 4. we'll see how my novice adobe skills portray these!

after a ton of playing around with illustrator and photoshop, I've ultimately tweaked my design and I like it so much more! I've created two parts... one to be in the front center of the shirt and then one to be in the lower corner on the front or on a sleeve or something..

FINISHED PRODUCT!! What do you think?

I feel like if i was more skilled at illustrator/photoshop, I would've been able to create something better like what my fellow classmates did. BUT I still had a ton of fun accessing my creative side thats been silent for the past few years and I learned a lot!


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