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starting with wedding day planning and organizing

So far so good.  There is actually a ton of little things to do for my job (more than just shooting for a day) and it's hard to keep track with up to 50 clients at a time (the years overlap).  I created an area of responsibility just for weddings, since I have other businesses as well.  Then I made a project, that included each of the client names for each wedding booked.  After that I added the open loops that are involved and all I have to do is tag them and add due dates for each one.  I saw that in Things you can set up to be reminded for so many days in advance.  This is extremely helpful and I'm sure will help me keep on top of things!  This is what I have so far - and yes, it's the simplified version haha!  I wish I knew how to copy and paste all of the open loops into each project in Things, that would save me a lot of time. 


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