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springtime & sunshine

Hello! I am so stoked to be taking this class. I have followed you, Bonnie,  for several years through your blog and instagram and I find your work inspirational. Thanks for sharing what you've learned, I'm excited to make some beautiful artwork of my own.

I started out watching the lessons all the way through as I had time, then I took advantage of some snow days and dove in to my project. I created a hidden (P)inspiration board in Pinterest, finding photos that made me feel warm and ready for spring. I also uploaded some of my own photos there, either to be illustrated or to use for colors. Here is a screenshot of some of my pins:

Next I started to make some sketches of my own photos, narrowing my theme down to flowers and bunnies. (I have also been sketching fruits and other things for future patterns... one step at a time, Becca!) (I also talk to myself. A lot.) Here are a few of my sketches:

The bunnies in the photos and drawings are Lola and Binx. Lola, the doe-colored Netherland Dwarf, passed away last January and had quite the little personality. We rescued Binx (the lop eared) this past fall, and we're not exactly sure what he is a mixture of, but he is a sweetheart.

Somehwere in between drawings I picked my favorite photos and started making a color palette. I really enjoyed this process.

I made myself narrow my options down to two photos. I knew I wanted a good mixture of warm and cool colors and also tried to find a good neutral to mix in. I have 11 colors right now and I could have easily chosen 20+. I'm excited to see how they will work together in my pattern.

My next step was to hand letter some words. I started doing some brush lettering with the phrase 'bunnies & flowers' and I wasn't sold on it.

I wasn't feeling it, so I moved on to my calligraphy pen. As I doodled with my pen, I ended up liking the sound and looks of 'springtime & sunshine' better than 'bunnies & flowers.' Here is what I scanned in to digitize. I picked out my favorite iteration and a few little doodles to add to the letters.

Then I took some of my photos and others from my Pinterest board created my mood board in Adobe Illustrator. It was a good way to get a feel for the program before really getting into creating my drawings.

Now it's on to drawing in Illustrator, I think it's my favorite part.

I traced my drawings and a few of my photos and came up with these motifs.

I did a live trace of one photo and I didn't feel like it fit with the rest of the pattern.

It was helpful toying with the settings and playing around with live trace.

So I moved on and grouped some of the motifs into bouquets.

I really enjoyed playing around building my pattern from these motifs. Figuring out the ins and outs of building a pattern was a good mix of challenging and fun. Here is my initial pattern colorway:

And of course I loved recoloring it. The pop of red against the green caught my eye in this one.

I played around with adding a watermark of sorts to my pattern.

After watching the lesson on building a pattern with bouquets, I wanted to give it a go myself. This pattern came together fairly quickly for me, perhaps because there were fewer elements to work with, or because I'd gotten the hang of building patterns by this point. Here is the original swatch:

And two recolored swatches:

Following Metka's lead, I made a few mockups of items I use everyday with a few of my patterns on them. :)

I loved this class SO much. Thank you Bonnie!


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