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space badges/icons

just started this project and i'm pretty excited about it especially since it's not for school and I can do whatever i want with it. My biggest problem with my illustrtion work right now is that I tend to overdesign the crap out of everything, so I'm hoping this project will be a good chance for me to exercise restraint.

Natrally I started with the mind map of things I like or things that might be cool to make a set for.

In the end i decided I would go with the space theme, it seemed fun and had a lot of subject matter. My second bet probably would have been either methods of transportation or methods of communication. But who doesn't like space?

these are a few doodles i did just to brainstorm some spacey things before i decided on what I really wanted to to do. 

I started to focus more with the astronaut because a space themed badge/icon set is required to have an astronaut. My drawing really started to look a little to Always with honor influenced , so when I go into actually putting it onto the computer I think I'm going to change it up a bit/lot. I'm also starting to reconsider using such round shapes for this and maybe go towards something a bit more sharp. Also I might take texture into consideration since I literally never do anything with texture. So I might use this experiment as a step into the texture world.

Mood Board:

Since i'm not sure if I want texture or not yet, I have to different mood boards. One thats super clean simple and vectory and the other texturey.

 mood board 2

I'm gonna start hashing things out with Illustrator tonight and see what path I go down for the rest of this project.


ok so i decided to go with the more texturized side as an experiment. this is my first icon (astronaut swimming through space) before i add the texture. If my texture experiment goes totally wrong i'm gonna scrap it and go forward with something simpler


after experimenting with texture on the one above i decided not to go with texture at all because it muddied up the image too much when i shrunk it down so instead i decided to change up my style and do something more like my original sketches.

this is what i came up with and a few different color variations. I think the first two are the best but my favorite is the third. The first two seem to overwhelming to me. and i think the third is more interesting with the space background being pink, so i think im going to rework the third a bit more...


my first four badges, they still need quite  bit of refinement but I'll do all that once I finish the next four. my main goal with these was simplicity so i may tone them down a bit (especially the satellite).


I haven't had a chance until today to udate my work, but i decided to make a few changes to  my badges. first off i changed up my color scheme, this allowed me a to be a bit less restricted and allowed me to add more depth and roundness to my badges. I also decided against the circle container for my badges, i wanted to stick with the rounded theme but the circle container was just to round for me. 

I want to add a bit more on my blueprint badge (the first one in the pic), maybe a T-square or something like my original sketch. I'm also unsure if the piece of chalk there is clearly a piece of chalk, I see it as a piece of chalk but that's because i made it.

I'm currently reworking my astronaut badge and then moving onto the other three. I visited the cradle of aviation today so i got some good pic inspiration from there.


my revised astronaut i still wanna add a bit more but i like this guy better than my original. I didnt want a traditional spacesuit, i liked this one because it was more like a scuba suit, which made it feel a bit more retro but still modern


Ok so here's what all eight of my badges are looking like along with my color scheme. There's still a few edits on gonna make later on because i'm not 100% such as the trees on the telescope, the water in the falling spacecraft, and i may add a cord to the astronaut. I'm relatively happy with how they are looking so far though, but I would like to see what other people say first


I made a few adjustments, i dt im 100% there yet but pretty close, first off I changed the spacecraft landing icon, instead of falling into the water i made it entering the atmosphere and a bit more firey. I did this because i was having some weight and proximity issues compared to the other badges so i though maybe adding a bit more would help solve the problem. Also i changed the color of the background bc i figured a darker color may add some weight to it, but i kind of prefer it in yellow a bit better bc it seems a bit more firey i also feel like it brightens up the set a bit.

I also shrunk down a few things (like the blue print on the blueprint icon) Looking at it now i might get rid of the triangle ruler on that one and move the pencil to the rulers spot just to bring it down a few notches.




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