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Katrien Declerck

graphic designer



sorry for what I said when I was grumpy

3 november - UPDATE:

I finetuned my sketch a little more :-) I'm still not sure about the letters though for "i said" and "grumpy". Also, "grumpy" is too close right now.

4. Sketching Thumbnails

3. Gathering Reference Material

2. Inspiration and Brainstorming

Excuse me for some words being in Dutch & my horrible handwriting!

1. Getting Started


My name is Katrien and I'm a graphic designer. This is my first try on handlettering and I'm really excited! The phrase of my choice is "sorry for what I said when I was grumpy". Just this morning I had a little misunderstanding with my boyfriend caused by my morning moodiness so that's why I came up with this ;-)


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