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sonic screwdrivers pattern


My name is Isabelle, I'm not an illustrator by trade but crafty and self taught in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I've recently opened up an Etsy shop under the name of ConfettiGeek and have been taking a few Skillshare classes to add to my portfolio.  I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and thought a pattern of the different sonic screwdrivers could be fun. 

I spend a good part of the day yesterday sketching and painting.  I'm not a huge fan of my paint job, i might redo it but  for now i'll work with i've got so far.

I love the look or quickly sketched but i can never seem to let myself do it.  it seems i always have to draw the items with all the little details i see...something else to work on!



now to digitize!  yay!


now creating patterns!  i must saw it doesn't look too bad once digitized...but i think i will repaint a different way at a future time

here's my first pattern.


my file is VERY big and i couldn't create another pattern ... but i did load this one in RedBubble and i am in love with the throw pillow - i might just have to get one for myself


Thanks for the class it was fantastic!!!


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