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some people feel the rain


17 july 2014: I really stalled on my original project when other things came up. I am determined to revisit it but in the mean time a friend has asked me to letter a print for her that has inspired me to work quickly so that i can get back to wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. I plan on using this phrase to take me through Mary's second lettering class.

Working project phrase: some people feel the rain and others just get wet : bob marley

Application: print, desktop wallpaper


Inspiration + moodboard

colour/mood inspiration:







Warm up sketches (I need to invest in a high-res scanner!):


I think i'll start by developing the idea on the bottom left.


I'm really excited (and nervous) to take this class! Uploading my project is a bit of an early New Years' resolution to be brave and welcome feedback. Initially I was going to complete the project without sharing,  but I've been so impressed and inspired by everyone's work that i bit the bullet and here I am!

I have switched from my original idea - one that I hope to go back to once I have a bit more experience with lettering. 



The phrase I've chosen is by JK Rowling and attributed to Rowena Ravenclaw: "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treaure"


Wall art/calendar page/journal cover/desktop art


In addition to what I thought about in my initial brainstorming session, I've continued to think about things/movements I consider to be examples of wit beyond measure: space exploration, the railways, early printing, masterful inventions.

Inspiration + Moodboard



parachute  brooklyn




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