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some cheese cloth required: making yogurt

We did it!  Here is the link:

Our video is a highly stylized "how to" video for making homemade yogurt, set to the seductive gamine voice of Stacey Kent. A winter afternoon. A cold climate.  A neutral palette. A contemplative, delibarate pace. Come all ye minimalists and lovers of bacteria, active culture, and nordic style.

Filmed by Mary Jo Hoffman. Acting by Eva Hoffman.  Editing by both.

March 2013


My name is Mary Jo and my family and I lived in France for three months last year (september -december). We made short little videos on a variety of topics including; "La Vendange" or the grape harvest in France , "sights and sounds of Autignac" (the tiny village we stayed in), "what to do with quince",and " 80 pages of patterns", and soon to be added Fishing on the meditteranean.

The "La Vendange" video -

My daughter is going to help me out with this video and our video is going to be about making homemade yogurt. We got our inspiration from the "Tiger in a Jar" food videos.

I have a unlta-minimalist blog called STILL (  and so this is also going to be a theme in our video, very simple, earthy tones, and no clutter.

We are excited to get started!


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