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sofa before + after

Sofa Before:

Even after clearing off the sofa and gathering a ton of pillows and blankets from around the house, I ended up mostly sticking with what I had before. Most of my pillows from other rooms aren't in the same color palette as my living room, so they just really weren't working together.


I did change out my throw and move my sheepskin to the other side of my sofa. I hadn' t really thought of placing my pillows in a row before, so I used that idea from the video and like the way it looks. I think the biggest difference in this room was made by changing my coffee table.

I'm of course always open to any suggestions that you guys might have that can make it better!! Console restyle coming soon!

I found the coffee table redesign to be a little more difficult than I had originally thought. I have had this exact same setup on my coffee table for three years, so it was a little bit of a challenge for me to see it differently. Since we are moving soon I didn't want to go out and buy anything new, so for this project I did a little shopping around my apartment.






I'm still not quite sure if it looks right. I'll need to live with it for a few days to see if I like it. Any suggestions? :)

We've lived in our apartment for almost three years, and it's been a definite work in progress for all of those years. You can see my before/after photos on my blog. It's constantly changing and being updated, but here are my most recent pictures: 

Master Bedroom

Bookshelf in guest bedroom/home office

View walking into the living room

View opposite side of living room

I still haven't found the right coffee table for the space, so we've been using this one from Ikea until I can find one that I love.

Here is an image that I felt represented the 8 Principals of Interior Styling well:


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