smooch. Torso anatomy practice

smooch. Torso anatomy practice - student project

I joined this class with the attitude "it's 2 am I have nothing better to do, might practice for once", and it was a lot of fun tbh. I had a vague understanding of anatomy before, but nowit's much better and I can simplify things a lot easier.

I didn't draw any wahmen (women) for now since *drawing hot men is more fun lol*, but I probably will eventually.

I struggle quite a bit with drawing people from the back so I will try working on that more.

Overall 10/10 would draw again, everything is a triangle.smooch. Torso anatomy practice - image 1 - student project

smooch. Torso anatomy practice - image 2 - student project

i started at the top left af the second image I attached and I feel like it shows, so pretty lit i improved a bit.