smart mouse :)

Hello everyone!

This is my first project on skillshare and the first animal logo ever, so... let's start.

I decided to make a mouse logo. These are my inspirations:


I did many different sketches - too many :/ Finally I decided on this one:


I did some improvements in Illustrator and added colour:


Gridding - uh, so difficult, it was big challenge for me:


And some options of final logo:


Well, what to do with mouse logo... Maybe something like that below? In my childhood we called eraser "gumka myszka" (eraser mouse) because of erasers produced in Poland in 70's. Look at this wonderful logo and typography: http://legendy-prl.pl/gumka_myszka.html

And here it is - my smart mouse equipment:


Lesson for me - I should spend more time improving my final sketch and looking for the best effect. Mine wasn't perfect and it was really difficult to work with it later. Next time I'll try to make a shape of animal more simple and compact.

Thank you for watching, and thank you George for great class!

I really appreciate all your comments :)


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