small mosaic

small mosaic - student project

I enjoyed taking this class so much. I have very similar inspirational interests to Ana Victoria such as nature, water, the moon, the night sky, space, zodiac and spirituality so I wanted to do a piece that would be calming for me which is why I chose a lot of blues with a turquoise base. I chose to create a small version in my watercolour journal mostly because when I finish work I don't have a lot of time for creativity but I still need it in my life haha! 

Because of the colour palette I chose, I feel like it could be a small section of a larger piece on the bottom of a swimming pool somewhere hot and sunny. I will take this onto a larger scale at some point but I thought I would share my first project here anyway.

small mosaic - image 1 - student project

Lewisia Larke
Self taught watercolourist