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small but mighty

12/6 final ink drawing

I think i like the one without the shadow... not sure. i'm a sucker for simplicity. 

also attempted at a colored version—kind of tiffany's–esque

inking on the light table:

12/4 final pencil drawing

I think when I ink I'll try a shadow for "mighty".  

12/3 more revised sketches

I ended up not really liking the script "small".  also, based on feedback from classmates and friends—small needed to be, well, smaller. so i simplified it a bit and tried it thiner and at different scales. I think I'm liking the top one. I also made my diamond shape a little shorter so the words fit better. 

12/1 revised sketches

I did some more variations on the diamond drawing. figuring out how i wanted the word spaced.

11/30 sketches

alright, did some sketching of my two favorite thumbnails. I'm gravitating toward the diamond, personally. but in general, i still feel like both of them are missing something. I think the "mighty" lettering in the diamond one needs to be mightier and I might ditch the triangles in the diamond and move up "small" to give it some more room.

made some vines while drawing these two.

11/29 response to feedback

thanks for the feedback guys! I think I'm going to sketch both the diamond and the bottom shield and see how they work more developed. 

11/26 thumbnails

it's interesting, i thought a really short phrase would be easier, but it's proving to be complicated for me. 

i think my favorites are the top two all the way to the left—the diamond and the shield. i also like the shield in the second column all the way on the bottom. 

any thoughts? 


hello friends,

i'm a little late joining this party (I just moved). So I appologize for being behind but would love some feedback. 

my phrase is "small but might". it's a phrase that's always been instilled in me ever since i was young. i'm extremely short—coming it at just 4'9"— so this has always been my mantra. 

as far as application goes, i'm thinking packaging for either alcohol or a prescription drug bottle. (since those are both also, small but mighty).


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