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Ronnie Hughan

Chief Bottle Washer


1 online experiential learning for skydivers

We have a vision to use existing web technology to enhance:

  • Safety - to help foster in all skydivers a wider and deeper awareness of safety in our sport. Especially around the decisions which need to be made before exit and the decisions made under canopy.
  • Stimulation - to promote informed discussion among all concerned on how best to use the airspace above our DZ's.
  • Enjoyment - to help all of us, as a community to keep more skydivers walking around and smiling.
  • Dialog - to promote feedback so we build what you need.

We will measure our success by the reduction in the number of injuries and fatalities in our sport reported to the US Parachute Assoc related to decisions made at exit and under canopy.

More to come...


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