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skull sketch


Here is my Skull sketch. It's the first time drawing a Skull...  yes! is a bit scary for me! Maybe is why I decided to draw some flowers on it.

Not sure if flowers need to be simplify or do less with more detail or work in something like this and give a sense of embrodery. 

Thanks Chris for the class. I learn a lot with your tutorials, very clear steps and challenging.

Also is very motivating to have a t-shirt with your own design! Let's try it!


Not sure about the eyes, and waiting to see how colour works on it!!

3. Line work 

I need more practice with my lines. I found difficult to draw clean lines. I change a bit the eyes shapes, also I tried to simplify it.

4. Mockup 

I am happy with this mockup. I changed the skull colour to cream. I inserted my signature and now I am working on my logo. I will practice a bit more with different images before go to the printer!

I found very useful this project. I am now looking for where to print and how much it cost.

Thanks Chris again for sharing this class, your line work is very impressive!


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