sketchbook watercolor fruit WIP

sketchbook watercolor fruit WIP - student project

WIP update on my watercolor fruit spread! I got a bit stuck trying to add a branch with leaf shapes onto one of my cherries, so I've set it aside until I sort that out. It occurred to me my sketchbook is almost twice as big as Ohn Mar's, so a bigger paintbrush and pen nib would have probably helped keep my fruit simple and loose. I don't have much experience painting or line drawing, so I'm hoping bigger tools may be more forgiving also. Good thing 'Oh well, nevermind!' is one of my favorite lessons from this class! But it has still been heaps fun and can't wait to practice on another spread!

I'm new to watercolor and have never painted fruit, but it might be my new favorite thing! Thought I'd get a photo before I start line drawing in case it turns into a disaster. My current plan is to fill the negative spaces with black ink only, but I'll use a waterproof ink in case I change my mind...