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simplicity and naïveté

“The law of simplicity and naïveté applies to all fine art, for it is compatible with what is most sublime.”

This is a quote I recently read on brainpickings in an article called “Schopenhauer on Style”. He is basically saying that truth or a message is best conveyed in the most simple way. If someone tries to cover up the essence with a fancy style, it won’t have real value.
It’s accompanied by some other quotes like:

“Truth that is naked is the most beautiful, and the simpler its expression the deeper is the impression it makes.”

Something in these quotes resonates quite well with me, as I’m fascinated by the beauty of ideas and concepts. Especially when the beauty shows itself in the simplicity of the execution.
That’s why I will choose “simplicity and naïveté” for my lettering.

Even though I know german, the english translation is somehow much more poetic. And I just like how “naïveté” looks super exotic and makes it interesting.



It reflects a bit of the french vibe that comes from “naïveté” with the french wine bottle labels. Also the idea of the sublime and the good, true and beautiful is conveyed by the copperplate engraving of the sun and the moon tarot. As well as a bit of personal style of the man who wrote it. Pretty neat signature. The only thing that is missing a bit, is the idea of a childlike naivety.

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