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Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer



simple self-portrait

Hi everyone,

I'm learning a lot in this class. Even learning the keyboard shortcuts and the coloring action is super helpful! Also I love the Photoshop brush. I just got a Wacom tablet and this was one of my first times using it. 

I'm not sure I'll have time to finish this by tomorrow, but thought I would at least get started. Luckily I had already worked on a character design for myself in Sarah Anderson's Creating Webcomics class. So here is the sketch based on that:


 And then here is the ink and color: 


I'm still fiddling with the color palette. I might be nuts, but I think I prefer the uncolored version. Maybe since the sketch is so basic, it looks weird in full color. So I might just put a color overlay on the sketch and call it good. 

I'm still working out the animation as well. It might go something like: I look grumpy, but then I think of something (in a thought bubble) and smile. Or, I might try making me wave. We'll see what happens.


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