simple, comfortable, and west coast climate appropriate :)

Photos (had some trouble embedding them here so check out the link):


1. Shirt - soft wash shirt from J. Crew I found on sale for 35 or 40 bucks. The color didn't come out because the flash drowned it out but its like a purple, blue, green check pattern, oxford collar.

2. Cotton Sweater - heather grey, dont remember the price but got it a few years ago from H&M

3. Jeans - skinny fit, indigo wash (I think) jeans from the Gap. I got the length just one size shorter than I usually do for pants to prevent the bunching up which I don't like with my jeans. I like jeans from the gap because they are affordable, have a large variety of fits and styles, and their skinny jeans aren't skin tight like some others (more slim as you can see in the photo). I think these jeans, with a discount and a coupon, cost me prob around 40 bucks or less. Even original price is affordable though

4. Belt (not seen but camel/tan color D-ring style belt to that is akin in color to the shoes) - Land's End Canvas - don't remember the price.

5. Shoes - Clark's Suede Desert Boots/chukkas, but the "bushacre" style which I didn't realize when I bought them is not too different  from the original desert boot.  Only real difference is that the sole is a non-crepe sole. In my opinion, not a big deal and I got em for a steal at DSW for like 75 bucks.

6. Watch - timex "weekender" style watch with nylon strap which I change often, this is the one it came with which is an army kind of green. http://www.timex.com/watches/timex-weekender-slip-thru-t2n651kw

7. Glasses- I am usually a contacts wearer but for this outfit, I liked the way it looked with my glasses which are just plastic dark brown frames that I got very recently. Just thought it completed the "vibe" of it all. 

I picked this outift for a couple of reasons. First of all, I live in San Diego and its finally started to "cool" off (lows in the 50s but not much more than that) so this would be a great go to layering outfit for me for going out at night. Both the shirt and sweater are cotton so they breathe easy and make for great layering. If its hot, I can pull the shirt off and since its a nice shirt from J. Crew its more fitted and length isn't too long so it looks good untucked. Additionally, almost any casual light jacket or blazer could be thrown on. A nice pocket square in the blazer would add a nice personalized touch too if you so desire.

Second of all, its pretty simple and that I think was the key of this class...keeping it simple but maintaining good style. The fits all fit my body time without any excess sagging in the shoulders, along the flank (side of your body between shoulder and your waist) which I think is important to note. Also, the jeans hit the boot right where I like 'em. Since these are chukkas, you could even fold a jean that might be a bit longer if you so desire like was talked about in the discussions.

Another reason I love this is the heather grey sweater. That color is so versatile, I think its a must for any guy's "casual" wardrobe. It matches with almost any color and looks great with some dark denim (my denim is a bit faded and drowned out from the flash again). I even wear that sweater to work sometimes with a nice shirt and tie underneath...in fact, I'm wearing it today! 

Finally, the best part about this outfit is the cost. Most of the items on the list above are completely affordable. Some guys find it hard to splurge $150 on a shirt or jeans, especially if they aren't too sure about the purchase or trying to change up their style. This is the outfit for a guy on a budget if he wants to be. I encourage you to check out places like The Gap or Land's End Canvas as they often have great sales on some key "basics" (cotton V-neck sweaters and t's, jeans, socks, belts, etc).

Hope that is helpful to you all.



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