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simple Baymax Disneyland ad

For my project I chose to recreate this happy Disneyland ad featuring Baymax. I wanted to choose a relatively simple graphic since I am a complete beginner in Illustrator. This picture really jumped out to me because my kids love the movie Big Hero 6, and so do I! I am so excited to learn how to use this program, and to be able to put my ideas into action! 

update #1 // 8-6-2015::

So I just finished the form building videos and tried my best to create the basic shapes of my ad. I had a lot of fun making the Baymax! I built his shape by building anchor points. I struggled getting the Mickey hat just right. The ears were simple, but trying to get the lines of the cap to match the original and then to lay over the head correctly was difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions? The first thing I notice is that I will have to go back and tweak the colors of my ad a little bit; my red and yellow are a little off. Also, I couldn't seem to figure out the line tool. I think I went the really long way round trying to get the string on the balloon right. Is there a simple way to manipulate the line without inputing the numbers and angle manually? Thanks! I'm excited to finish this project.


Update #2 // 8-17-15

   Okay so after I orginially traced the main shape of Baymax I realized that I had started out completely on the wrong foot. I had to go back and make each body part it's own shape so that I could use the gradiant tool to do the shading. I could seriously use a tutor on the gradiant tool because it took me forever to shade Baymax and I still think it needs improving. But over all, I think it's looking good. I tried to match the fonts as best as possible. Can anyone give me advice on how to do the circular shadow beneath Baymax? I tried a few different things, but they were not turning out! I'm calling this project done, and if I can figure out the bottom shadow I will come back and add it. I had a great time learning illustrator through Brad's videos.



special thanks to Disney and Big Hero 6 movie for providing my fun subject!


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