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sight and crown

I used the words sight and crown. My first thoughts were about looking for a crown. I had an image of hikers spotting a crown high up on a mountain or a mountain top shaped like a crown (some connection to  childhood reading of myths and legends). I thought of the crown as a museum exibit, a crown studded with eye shaped jewels, the royal playing cards.Then I changed tack and thought about not seeing (blindness, blindfolds, eyes shut, sleeping, refusing to see). And I thought about different types of headwear and who wears them.That brought up kings and queens, religions and headwear, rulers and  power, suffering seen and unseen ... It got pretty dark!




And so I came to the Australian archbishop George Pell who recently refused to return to Australia from the Vatican to give evidence to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. His manner is so regal and dismissive and his attempts to hide from scrutiny backfired spectacularly when a crowdfunding campaign paid for adult survivors to travel from Australia to Italy to witness his testimony and the whole event was then swamped by journalists and seen by millions.

My illustration came together pretty quickly after that. I used the playing card as the start of my design and pencil and ink to draw the archbishop with eyes closed, twiddling his thumbs.




And this is the finished illustration


This is the second of Roman's classes I've done. I've learnt alot about Photoshop and love the process of moving from hand drawing and inking to piecing it all together and colouring - things I never knew how to do before. I still have a long list of paired words to use for other illustrations so I might post again.Thanks for the great class.


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