short story

I am walking out of my small apartment, phone in hand trying to get in touch with my friend with no luck when I hear to my left " hey! wait! you there!!". its far away but I recognize the squeaky voice "Richard?... " I whisper as I turn around " it can't be him " I think " he's in New York right now?right?" as I slowly turns round I see Richard running toward me on the. sidewalk. " what are you doing here?!" I call " shouldn't you be in New York?" 

he stops in front of me breathing heavily " oh yeah, about that, my mom said I could stay with you this summer, didn't she tell you?"

"she didn't tell me anything about this! " I think

he sees my puzzled expression " well im already here!" he starts climbing the fig tree next to the tiny apartment building. I turn away from him and get my phone from my pocket and text " hey I have your kid, want to pick him up or something." no use.

I sigh and turn to face him but he's already higher in the tree and looking around with a funny look on his face. " we I have to run to a few stores, you can go inside and unpack, the couch unfolds so you can sleep there I guess." 

he claims halfway down then jumps to the ground staring at me in the eye " can I come with you!" he pleads 

" fine but put you can put your suitcase inside so you don't have to lug it everywhere, where. is it anyways..."

( the 8 minutes ran out but I kind of like where it stoped )

I made the main character based off of someone I saw at a cafe, and her younger cousin is surprising her with a visit and says he is going to stay with her for summer.