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shooting food & drinks in the Keys

I only recently started shooting landscapes again after a good few many years of not photographing anything but the occasional tourist shot.

From the different things that I looked at while I was researching food photography I have to say that Daniel's class is by far the best source of information that I found. After watching the class I felt a lot more confident in what I was going to be doing and having the preference of shooting with natural light made me feel a lot better about going to a restaurant and shooting. I wish I would have been more confident about arranging the plates but I think this first experience has helped me with that. The stress & pressure of having an audience while I was photographing something that I am not used to didn't help either but I think it made the challenge more interesting.

What I appreciated the most was watching Daniel strip the process down to the very basics and just focusing on the the subject, the lighting & negative space. I found I really enjoyed the process and it was nice to be able to focus on literally what was placed in front of me as opposed to concentrating on an entire landscape. I think removing everything & then gradually adding back elements helped my focus.  Hopefully, I have done some justice to my subjects.

Thank you Daniel for creating an enjoyable learning experience. If there is anything that I need to work on please let me know, I always appreciate an genuine critique.


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