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Laura Whittamore

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shooting around gainesville, fl

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i'm laura, i mainly shoot nature/cemetery/architecture. i'm not very comfortable shooting street or night but i'm always willing to try something new. i've been in gainesville for 4yrs. it's a typical southern city- all low buildings and sprawl. i go out of my way to avoid anything to do with the university campus. i did venture on to campus for my night shot because it's the one place to find buildings with more than 1 floor. my focus for this project was capturing scenes from my life in this city and how i use it. as far as cities(buildings/action/hustle) go i find gainesville pretty dull. it's a huge change from the north east(where i grew up) and the UK(where i lived before moving here) gainesville as a place to live and raise a family is pretty awesome. we really dig it here. 

the yawn, candid portrait

looks up, street lights-shot in the middle of downtown.

look up, night shot of the university power plant


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