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shine your light

One of my favorite bible verses - - Matthew 5:16

Just a quick sketch, still a work in progress.... not sure if I like the way the flourish of the s and the h come together. Secondly, not sure if I like the flourish on the e or the bottom of the t. Soooo... to tell you what I do love... haha.. the y and the g, they make me happy. :)


Continuing to slowly work through this project - my busy life is not providing enough time for fun projects! I wrote out the piece in calligraphy, made a few mistakes along the way, but remembered Molly's video about how we could fix it in Photoshop. :)


Whew.. I have been all about this project tonight. I am so excited about where this is going. 


I had so much fun completing this project. My goal was to make this into a desktop background. (I know this seems silly, but this bible verse motivates me every day!)

I am very pleased with the final project!

Thank you Molly for your awesome class! I learned so much!


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