shepptacular action plan (updated)

                                                                                Fitness Action Plan


I've decided it's easier for me to set small and achievable goals so that I don't feel like giving up a few weeks in to a "resolution". I resolved to start and continue getting fit and working towards my goals since November and aside from Christmas, I've been working hard so I feel confident that this is a year of significant transformation.

  1. Increase water consumption to 3 liters a day (I have essentially cut out all fluids other than water in order to reach this goal and I feel better for it!)
  2. Making clean eating foods and meal prepping
  3. Lower body fat percentage. (Current goal, 24%)
  4. Increase my core strength 

I've been trying to increase my vegetables these days and hopefully I have a good understanding of my ratios of protein, carbs and good fats. I'm hoping to learn some things.


I downloaded an app for my droid called "water your body" which reminds me all throughout the day to drink water. I have not had ANY soda for the entire month of January and it feels amazing. I don't even miss it!

This is a photo of my most recent boot camp that I completed right before January

I've also been food prepping like a beast and trying to focus more on my upper body which has always been my weakest.

This is more recent since getting in to the swing of progress has been slower than that last bootcamp challenge (I lost 11 lbs in four weeks), but I've been getting strong!


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