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settling into Oaklandia

Primarily I plan to amplify my posts via other social media platforms. I'm currently using HootSuite to push posts to my Twitter, Facebook & Google+ accounts. I'll also add a link to my blog on my business website ( Some other ideas:

  • Pinterest. I've noticed that some people post their blogs to Pinterest boards. I'm not sure about this just yet. I think pinning my blog could be most effective when my posts include interesting pics, but I need to look at how best to connect my posts with this channel.
  • YouTube. Once I get the hang of things, I may add a YouTube channel. It'll likely be less general than my blog, with more of a focus on making jewelry. Over time I might consider adding in broader topics of interest.
  • Engaging others. I think the most effective, though, will be to ask friends who have a large following to re-post my tweets and shares, particularly when they are related to topics they blog about. Once I begin posting more regularly, I'd like to write a slot for them as well.


Hi everyone! I've just crafted what I hope will be an interesting and engaging blog post at  Putting my thoughts down was fun! And a little bit daunting. As you all know finding the right tone, trying to engage readers, and still being myself is not that easy. It takes time! And then there's that balance between conversational writing and good grammar. I imagine I'm going to fail at that sometimes, which will be annoying, but I'll get over it eventually.  

Anyway, I'm looking forward to feedback on this post. Feel free to be (somewhat) brutal! I'm already working on drafts of more posts. Your constructive criticism would be great as I plow ahead.

Also, I wanted to share another blog that I enjoy:



So... my goal is to blog about my jewelry design business, my life as an urbanist (I consult as a transportation planner), and my love of travel (touched 6 continents!). I'd like to find (1) a great name for my blog, (2) unifying characteristics, besides that it's about my life, and (3) ways to make my blog truly interesting and engaging.  I'm a fan of blogs that engage through images and imagery, ask interesting or thought-provoking questions or deliver information, and sprinkle a healthy dose of humour in my day.  

Since the first assignment is to find 3 blogs that I like, here they are:

  • a little self-deprecating, a little misogynistic, a little long. but none of them so much so that it turns people off. lots of followers, but more importantly some decent comments from those followers.
  • no one post stands out here. this is a friend of mine who randomly catalogs and posts things her husband says. I love that aspect, and that it's just a one-off quote or conversation, but most of the engagement happens on the facebook page rather than on the blog (not sure why they haven't enabled comments thru disqus or some such).
  • Because bad grammar is like nails on a chalkboard. I don't mean the kind that results from making a mistake, I mean the kind that results from not knowing (or caring about) the difference between their, there, and they're. I try not to be obnoxious about it, and this blog is really interesting for that reason. Just the facts, an engaging way. The site itself is a bit busy, but I can get past that because the information is actually helpful and well written.

Looking forward to reading about the blogs that others like!



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