setting up my blog on | Skillshare Projects

setting up my blog on


Thanks to the above class I could work a bit on my blog which I've recently moved from to self hosted

You can see my blog on

I'm really proud with the visual side of it and now I'll be working towards applying more of the changes and improvements which were suggested in the class. 

The class helped me especially with understanding the Google Analytics and SEO and applying it to my blog, I learnt a lot good techniques regarding writing a good, optimized blog post and adding suitable pictures to it. Optimizing the blog for google and search engines is now number 1 on my to do list so all the hard work which I put into writing posts and taking good photos won't get wasted.

The other topic were social media- I love the concpet presented in the class, I feel comfortable using facebook and instagram now I'm going to set up twitter and feel really encouraged to try youtube to help to promote my blog.

My blog is work in progress, I'm learning and discovering new things every day and the class helped with both discovering new stuff and repeating the things I'd alreayd known.

I'll report back in a while to let you know how the changes which I applied have improved my blog!


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