sensory detail: starry night

it is a clear crisp night amid the darkness the sky lights up with the brightness of the moon. High above the town on a grass hill looking up suddenly from the darkness appears the most glorious sight as the night sky opens up to display multiple stars. Each looks so unique sparkling billions of light-years away. There is a cool breeze on my face but I hardly notice as I am transfixed on the beauty above. Standing here I feel small and insignificant as I realise the vastness of space and the universe.

There is a familiar smell of wood-burning an earthly smokey smell which drifts up from the town below, it is conforming in this cold night.

As I focus on the town I can see the lights of homes people busy totally unaware of the night sky.



second version-descriptive/changes

It was a clear cold night, the type where you can see your own breath in the darkness, as I took the final step to the top of the hill I stared out into the darkness and the town below me.

The sky was so beautiful illuminated by the brightness of the full moon.

I looked up and suddenly the sky opened up with stars dancing like diamonds with a velvet backdrop.

it was like a special show just for me, I could feel the cool breeze across my face and at that moment I felt so alive.

Standing there looking up and out at the stars and distant planets I realised how small and insignificant I was in the vastness of space.

The smell of dry wood burning distracted me for a moment as it drifted up from the village it had a familiar earthy smell that felt safe and comforting

in the openness of nature.

As I looked at lights from the village below, I realised how many people never look up, too busy in their lives to embrace the magic all around us.

Julie Kelly
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