sensory detail / a starry night

sensory detail / a starry night - student project

     The countryside is the same as always. The chair is where I left it, yesterday’s candle relit and dripping off the sill. A flare in the night that guides the scratches of charcoal over sheaths of paper. The air, made saccharine by lavender, drifts through the open window. I welcome the chill raising armies on my skin. I let the fire go out a long time ago.

     The sky is what consumes me now. Ultramarine and cobalt flowing like ichor, chasing each other in an eternal dance. The stars bleeding through it, calling out to me from eternity. It reigns over the wheat fields, rendered green in its shadow. And the hills, breaking like waves against it. Tendrils of burnt umber and prussian blue compose a cyprus, reaching up to something unknowable, as if in rapture. I imagine a little village caught between the divine and the earthly, and myself in one of the houses leaking ochre into the night. Maybe they will find solace in the sky above, as I have. 

     It is a long time before sunrise. I mean to greet it. To watch its glory paint the hills with gold and discharge the night, as it has done a thousand times before. For now, though, I have the heavens, the morning star, and a glimpse of immortality.