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seminal® - fighting to survive the rag-trade.

Top 10 finalist over at the Jeff Staple/Skillshare contest. boom!

Brand Name: seminal® (formerly The Seminal Brand®)

Incorporated Business Name: The Seminal Garment Company Inc.

Location: North America

Year Established: 2013

Products Offered: Socks, Underwear, First Layers, Pants, Shorts, Tank Tops, Basic Tees, Graphic Tees, Cut/Sew Tees, L/S Tees, Henleys, Baseball Shirts, Sports Tops, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Basic Hoodies, Cut/Sew Hoodies, Jackets, Technical Outwear, Hats, Beanies, Wallets, Bags, Luggage, Key Chains, Device Cases, Stickers, Sunglasses, Other Accessories.

Targeted Demographic: Middle class, urban-dwelling males 25-38 y/o

Key Point of Difference: the core of seminal product is functional or weather resistant, with appeal to the more sophisticated streetwear consumer.

About seminal:

seminal is smart men’s apparel inspired by functional quality, timeless design, and freedom of expression. We uniquely position ourselves by offering functional designer product with distinct character for the urban environment. Available at an attainable price for retailers and consumers. 

seminal is proudly rooted on the Pacific North West where products are tested in a variety of coastal conditions.

seminal, SMNL, and The Seminal Brand have trademark applications filed in USA, Canada, and China with no claimed disputes in the last 6 months.



If you weren't around for the bad times, you won't be around for the good times.

2. Don't count money you DON'T have. Even when you got it, it could be taken back.

3. If you didn't work hard for it, you didn't deserve it.

4. Recognize and act on golden opportunities (like this class).

5. Do things YOUR OWN WAY. Chances are 'your way' is better than what everyone else who does what everyone else is doing.

6. Customer is NOT always right. 

7. Don't act on false encouragement. Family and friends will more than likely tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

8. Money is only a trophey. Achieving your goal is the motivation, and passion is the fuel to get you there.

9. Make Plan B as strong as Plan A.



Been in the rag trade a while now, time to go for broke. We need $1m over 3 years

My inspiration to create a valuable brand and product.

Instagram posts to promote exploring your habitat (in our clothes).

Some product we've started to develop:

U.S.EH 5-panel hats (larger volume fit)


New Capsule in Development


A-Students working for D-Students


Capsule Collection: Scrappy


Promo Wheels


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