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Thirsty for art (interview with an art therapist)

  • what is art therapy
    • art therapy is a practice that uses art to help people express themselves
    • express your thoughts and emotions
  • how does art therapy differ from traditional therapy
    • depends on the person in the therapy
    • art-making is the centerpiece
    • deep work happens
  • Any art therapy tips for those who struggle with anxiety?
    • everyone is different
    • listen to yourself
    • collaging is a fun beginner medium so its great for anxiety
    • clay is another great one for anxiety
  • What other art therapy exercises do you recommend
    • pay attention to the colours
    • anything that activates the tactile senses
    • create mandalas
      • freeform circle and fill it with emotion
  • what are the benefits of creating art with no end goal?
    • less stress
    • less judgment just have fun
    • helps you learn more about urself
  • Benefits of sharing art with the world
    • power to uplift
    • connect with others

Set the mood

  • setting the mood helps clear the head
  • Examples
    • Lighting incense
    • clean up the space
    • take my "meds"
  • breathe in breath out
    • be conscience of your breathing
    • 4-7-8 ( I personal cannot do this because of my asthma, so I do 3-3-3)
  • Let's set parameters
    • set the mood mentally
    • give yourself a bit of structure to aid with anxiety
    • questions to ask yourself
      • do i want to create a light (happy, elastic, Etc.) or dark (sadness, anger, etc)
      • what medium do I want to use
      • abstract or realistic

My choices Light, watercolor, abstract

Pull inspiration


exercises 1

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 I deal with a few different mental disorders which cause PNES so I have more of a physical reaction.

 Exercise 2

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