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Roman Bruni

story development consultant



screenwriting movies tv series & animation panorama of market

Salve Anne !  your videoclass made me smile and was a powerfull
for liberating a creative force... thanks !  .
I'm preparing a series of learning documentaries with a playfull spice .
and one of the hard topics to explain is the 'geography' of the market. 
Producers and Creatives get lost not knowing who to approach next  
- or before, hence a map was a beautiful visual trick to make it illustrative 
and sticky... The bg texture tries to emulate a 'tresor map' with the intention. 
to generate some undercurrent of authority and valuable information. 
The market map was an idea that I first watch in Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime 
- but theirs was a bunch of lines and a lot of talk...while mine has a balloon, 
a very dangerous marine monster and a lot of courageous indies boats. 
The Rot38map is also included in my screenplaywriting manual ebook. 
cheers & saluti from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 


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