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samisadumb comic

Hey everybody! Thanks for the class Sarah, it gave me a lot of good insight and perspective! I was already in the midst of creating a webcomic when I started the class, so I took the opportunity to redesign all my characters!

Unfortunately, I've never drawn digitally, so my comic is on paper, but I have purchased an Intuos and will be practicing so that I can slowly make the jump! 


Originally my character was sort of a blob, but after trying to work with him I realized how hard it was for him to be expressive, so I took a cue from Sarah and gave him some features to help him out with that. My comic also involves some other characters so I had to redesign them as well.


This is my first time creating a model sheet!


I keep a notebook specifically for storyboarding my comics to make sure I like how they play out.


My first comic using my new redesigns! I really felt the difference in my main character having more expressive features and I had a lot more fun using them (eyebrows, pupils, hands). I feel without Sarah's insight I would've taken a lot longer to realize what the problem was with my last character. Thanks for all your help!

You can read my comic here!


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