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Joshua Holley

Sales & Marketing Manager



sales, marketing, and operations man

I am Josh Holley.

I have worked in so many industries and have true found fulfillment in making people's lives better. I have a genuine love for helping people and value my relationships. I have a wide variety of interests and I currently make my living in manufacturing. I have put together deals worth millions of dollars that required hiring and training dozens of new employees. I know everyone of them personally; they are great people.

I feel most fulfilled putting complex deals together and creating order from chaos. I enjoy making connections with people in any walk of life and networking with them permanenty. I am rich because of these connections.

I am a father of three and a husband to an amazing wife. I speak Spanish and am conversational in Italian and Portuguese. I am surrounded with great individuals comprised of my church, family, and friends. I am a lousy extreme athlete but a magnificent dreamer.


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