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Kate Ingram

{art and soul}




Thanks for a great class, Hayden! It was perfect timing for me, too, as I'm in the middle of a project for a surface pattern design class. This little guy is from my robot patterns. I tend to be a pen tool purist and have been wanting to break away from that when I know other tools could serve me better sometimes. I've especially been interested in thinking about seeing and building with shapes, so this has been a very helpful class and exercise. I didn't touch the pen tool once for my robot and I tried to use every example you showed us at least once. I was so glad you showed us the zig zag effect because it was perfect for my little electrical waves! The transform properties window was super helpful, too. I probably most used pathfinder tools and offset path to build this image. My color palette and the robot's proportions need some tweaking, but otherwise I'm happy with the results and grateful for learning some new tools and putting some formerly under-utilized tools into practice.


sketches and shape building practice…



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