Gina Kelly

Artist at Weathermaker Press



revolving door ( ? )

Going to start off with a very simple list of potential obsessions...some were obvious, but the more intersting ones came with digging around.  9/2/13 updated

oh!  i have this thing where when i walk down stairs i am afraid i will fall and shatter into a million pieces...its really weird i know but i've had it for ages so its really a part of me now and i forget about it being weird...which is even weirder : )

House fires


the voice as a thing in a box that sometimes opens.  i guess that box is a mouth..

the way giotto painted angels half in and half out of the sky

i am really obsessed with why my mind goes blank so often


the world of the minute

scale juxtaposition

fingers and hands


balancing things out

energetic super powers- i can see you, i can see in you

inter dimensional communication

what is the unconscious?

"i could be anything, anything I focus on, I can make it happen"

the results of being able to make things happen

my kitten, orion achoom

timing, making certain efforts on certain dates (go astrology)

living in wiggly lines instead of straight ones

eating a god fruit…something so perfectly delicious that it is the pinnacle of all eating experiences (i really don't mean it in a garden of eden kind of way)

protecting beauty-beauty as ugly is a kind of protection


shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhh

the musicality in human voice

distortion over time - memory, house paint in the sun, wrinkles in the skin

outer ward  expressions of inner private worlds

projection- taking something and throwing it onto something else

hair growing where hair shouldn't be (so embarrassing!)

being flawed and not knowing it- living unknowingly with medical conditions

small body parts being cut off - small amputations of the mind

music as a healing agent 

a woman's voice humming

a man's voice humming

a child's voice humming

dreaming inside of another person

organic material in the palm of hands - dirty hands or connection?

the futures, the pasts, the nows, all in multiples


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