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relationship status: deep fried oreos

I was looking through my notebook and I realized that it's mostly about me eating things. This inspired me to start writing about it here.

My relationship with food

Some of my notes:

I'm currently in a long distance relationship with salad, we barely see each other, but we pretend to be okay...

Boys are like chocolate, when ever I tell myself that I cannot have it I want it even more.

When kissing people tastes like Brussels Sprouts.

Sometimes, I have wet dreams about ice cream, but then I wake up and see that I just fell asleep with the ice cream bucket between my legs.

I thought about changing my invoices so that people pay me in tacos.

mum i think i broke my bf again :'(
THIS IS A CUCUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About me: Hi I'm Sask, I'm an illustrator from Germany.
Does these chunks of text (haha pun intended) sound funny or interesting to you?
I'm thankful for inspiration, grammar correction, ideas and helpful comments! <3 lotsa love


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