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reinasaur x character illustration

Class One // Inspiration
My pinspiration lives here.

Class Two // Sketchy sketchy
Here we go with round one! Style-wise, it's taking cues from our inimitable instructor. I also tried starting with lowered-opacity layer for draft one before going for a second layer. Main takeaway from the video lesson was to stay loose and just keep drawing without getting too caught up in how perfect it might look.

Another round. Now he has a buddy.

Class Three // Shapes

Chunking out the vector shapes.

Class Four // Render

Here's where I am so far with rendering one of the guys. This part is proving to be the most fun stage.

Not sure how I can make the curly armhair look more integrated. I think I'll also be redrawing his boots. They're looking a little different than the rest of the drawing in terms of position/perspective and their shapes aren't as simple. It's a fun challenge to make the whole thing not look too 3D, although I'm enjoying how bulbous his belly is :)


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