redwoods and bubble baths

redwoods and bubble baths - student project

Quiet: Immediately I went with a word that I felt like I needed... and visually went to a place in my imagination that feels still, rooted, relaxed. It's totally abstract and in no way can a clawfoot tub fit into a hammock suspended between giant redwood trees and then be naturally filled with bubbles and raindrops, but for some reason this is what came out on paper and so I'm going with it :) 

redwoods and bubble baths - image 1 - student project

Word List:

  • calm
  • stillness
  • bubble bath
  • rain
  • rooted
  • redwoods
  • breeze
  • breathe
  • hammocks
  • rest
  • yoga
  • meditate
  • unplug
  • barefoot
Alyssa K.
Digital Marketing Manager