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red sky at night, sailor's delight

I got my quote from "Red Sky in Morning, Sailor's Warning. Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight."

I think it encompasses more than what the quote says. I think it represents overall a relaxed vibe, no worries, "delightful" etc. So as not to take too literally, but I do want to use symbolic imagery.

Word list:

Since I'm new to this craft, I am not sure what sort of hand lettering will work best for me, but I am drawn to thin lines and whimsy, but also classic and ordered.

Mood Board:

Pre-warm up sketches sketches:

So, since I am new I wanted to warm up to the warm up. Here are some of my doodles of letterforms of which some I copied, for instance Sean Wes's piece (Hand Lettering HandBook). I found that by trying to recreate his forms, I am forcing myself to look at their structure and how it is put together and the relationship of each of the letterforms. So I think I'm grasping the concept.

I did skip ahead and start on some thumbnail layouts but after looking at what i've come up with, I feel like I am limiting myself on style because I was too quick with the warm up sketches. But I will share anyway for some feedback as I go back into my warm-up sketches


More warm-up sketches:

Addition to my Mood Board:

I was recommended to look at  @joncontino on instragram and his work really is on the money.


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