recipe for deliciousness

i've recently started learning how to cook and a lot of people have started asking me for recipes. i would love to share, but logistically speaking, it's a bit of a nightmare right now:

the first problem i have is compilation/organization. my recipes are currently divided into (4) separate places: docs in a folder on my desktop (which are mostly things i've cut/pasted from the Internet), online recipe sites (epicurious, delish, etc.), scribblings on loose pieces of paper contained in a manila envelope near my cookbooks and lastly, in my cookbooks, but covered with post-it notes.

the second problem that i have is in regards to editing. i've altered pretty much every recipe that i've made and would like my new filing/sharing system to reflect those changes, not as notations, but as finalized changes to the ingredients/steps.

the third isssue i have is with format/presentation. friends have suggested that i throw them into a blog, but i know from my own experience of searching for specific recipes on blogs that it can be time-consuming and frustrating. i'd also like to be able to send print-friendly docs as well as links according to people's preferences. 

essentially i am looking to create a personalized recipe box onine that will help me with organization and allow me to share what i've been making with friends.

UPDATE (12/12/12): 

based on time constraints and in the interest of not losing my sanity over the next week, i'm going to change some of the above. i think the 'finished' project will not be very exciting, but hopefully i can continue to work on it post-class.

the new version will basically be a personal recipe box online that users can sign into and access all of my recipes online. the basic framework will be:

sign in > index/table of contents/category (entree, side, dessert, etc.) list > child pages with the recipes based on previous choice.

things that i hope to incorporate will be: an email list signup & search functionality.


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