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This was actually the first class I enrolled in on SkillShare, and I was super inspired by Yuko's work and her style.  The next few days I went out on a mission to find and acquire the tools Yuko recommended.  I had brush pens (Pentel Pocket Brush / Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Brush Pen) and a few Kuretake water brushes, so when Yuko said it was better to use actual Watercolor Brushes with India Ink I had to give it a try.

I got myself a cheap Winsor & Newton watercolor brush set and some inks (FP inks, and some cheap india ink which did not work as advertised)


I will not post my experiments with the watercolor brushes + india ink combo.  I guess the learning curve is a bit high and my impatience led me back to my staple tools.  I went back to my Pentel Pocket Brush to make this :


I was thinking a playful Tiger warrior.  I did the best I could given the short time I had to create different textures using ink only.  I used to draw like crazy when I was a kid, drawing my comics and all that, but I've clearly lost my knowledge in drawing metal textures, so please bear with my fail metal texture.  I also wasn't able to follow Yuko's tips on scanning the sketch first before laying it out in another page.  I drew inks over my pencils for this drawing.

I've been experimenting with Watercolors also recently, trying to add color to my usual black and white art.  So using the Winsor & Newton brushes, I used the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor set which I have been keeping for 2 years.


and so I ended up with this:


I did what I could to add "texture" to the other elements of the drawing using the watercolor brushes.

Thats it.

I wish Yuko would post some more videos of her process.  I would really like to know what Asian Brushes she uses regularly, because I don't think she mentioned what brand it was, hehehe.

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