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rainy days in the south end of chile


Hey, I'm Charlie. I live in a small city in the south of Chile called Valdivia. it is very rainy and very green.  there isn't a lot of skyscrapers around,that one up there is really the only one and it's pretty new. it's more  houses from 100+ years ago, a river, wetlands and parks everywhere.


This is a pedestrian entrance to the local university, with the road also recently fixed so it would stop getting impossibly muddy with the rain, which is how I almost lost a shoe once. hobblin around on one foot to retrieve it was not fun.  the campus is several old,functional buildings,grass and trees everywhere. there is even a big botanical garden inside. 

I attended this university for a couple of years, and grew up playing here so I have fond memories of it.


Under one of the bridges, you can see the shape of the city, it's quite a nice place, next to a long promenade, a park and a museum. I had to climb a bit to get a proper view of the bridge and it was quite hard to capture them both, kept having that issue where one place looks too dark and one too bright. 


This is the view from one side of the bridge, with the promenade, a platform for sea lions, and part of the city on the back, some boats both fishing and touristic,the market,the municipality, the cathedral and a couple of buildings,j don't think either one has more than 10 floors,maybe. 


This type of...plant is around everywhere, growing on fences and the like, and a bus stop can be seen there, with some of the old houses in the background, plus the trees also seen everywhere so this photo feels very characteristic of the city.


Directly opposite the previous picture is this, an old torreon. a fort tower from a few hundred years ago, there's two still in the city, my old school was around the corner so as kid we'd come here for lunch,meet at night for drinks and so on.  in the background there is a very old church from a saint francis order which was converted into a goverment building. This street is full of old buildings and there was one to the left and I wanted to get all three but there too many cars and cables in the way. 


Finally, the town square. I thought it'd be good to add a bit of night photography (ish, it was around 6:30 pm)  besides, I liked the way it looked. since it was raining quite badly,with wind and cold it was rather empty. 

That's my project, no big buildings or fast trains around here so I wanted to show the simple things, the constant battle with nature, the historic and touristic parts of the city.

I used a Nikon d500,shot in raw and processed in lightroom, except for the picture of myself that has a HDR filter, the rest all simply have some basic touch ups, light and colour correction.


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