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rainseed marketing - journey into the known

Teaching attorneys to run successful businesses

Rainseed Marketing tackles the gap between the practice of law and the business of law by helping clients develop innovative business/marketing skills tailored to drive results.  While some lawyers are business-minded, the reality is that most lawyers are lawyers, and the skills needed to run a sustainable, successful business are often not a core competency. While this is true for firms across the spectrum, it is especially true in the small to mid-sized firm demographic. Rainseed Marketing is an online business model, offering three core packages:

  1. 1:1 Business/Marketing Coaching

  2. Social Media - workshops

  3. Website, Direct Mail & Messaging - workshops
  4. Virtual Law Firm - workshops


    The Authenticity Factor

    My work with firms has uncovered a systemic failure of firms' ability to authentically connect with clients.  For example, the majority of firms are using canned copy blocks from website clearinghouses, buying into the fear cultivated by those clearinghouses that the only way they will have SEO is to use a cookie cutter approach. Firms I have worked with so far have no social media at all, and are wondering why the heck new lawyers are so busy and they are losing business.


    Speaking of authenticity, my bona fides are a key element of this business - I am a lawyer and worked for LexisNexis, Workshare and Microsoft in related marketing roles for fifteen+ years. In fact, my role at Microsoft was to be the US liaison to the legal market. Lately I’ve been doing some in person law firm consulting in order to further develop my expertise, but the ultimate model for rainseed is online, workshop driven (teach them to fish), value based content/learning modules. I will continue with 1:1 consulting for a while as I build the content repository, and phase that out eventually.


    11 questions

    1. Marketing is to connect the services with clients that are the right fit. This isn’t every law firm in the country. Not even close. It is small/medium firms that have not yet figured out how to leverage social media, with motivated decision makers that WANT to break the old, tired mold for how they have been messaging their practice. They want a roadmap for how to market and want to be invested in the process and the outcomes. They want a case and then a roadmap for virtual officing.
    2. I’m allowed to touch everything since the biz is small. Out the door it’s a solo entrepreneurship complemented by alliances with web designers and SEO experts (hopefully one in the same). Change can & does happen fast.
    3. I can measure website hits, newsletter signups, Twitter and FB followers, direct contact response rates, video signups.
    4. I can change my clients’ perceptions of marketing (cheesy or classy?). I can ease my clients’ fears about how to begin and what to do to accomplish their marketing goals. I can help my clients act instead of becoming paralyzed by all of the options and what ifs.
    5. Promise: rainseed marketing services helps you to forge authentic connections to your clients, attract more clients who are the right fit for your firm, and work more productively in your practice.
    6. The hard part is getting firms to ACT. They are so mired in their old ways and distracted by the practice that as long as they are getting ends met, a lot of firms in the small/med demo have a hard time initiating. Other factors impacting activation: complicated partner relationships, perception of marketing as sleazy/cheesy, perception of marketing as unnecessary.
    7. Rainseed falls into the “follow trends” category. This business conforms to a standard “online information services” business model that packages value-based information and services and serves them to clients via access to free content, self-paced kits, and 1:1 coaching.
    8. The risk for my clients – wasted time going the wrong direction, missteps in re advertising ethics rules for attorneys. For me – reputation is king in this business, and the legal market is small, relatively speaking. My business is predicated on providing high value and expertise that drives successful engagements and results.
    9. I’m in charge.
    10. The money so far has been in taking courses that expand my expertise, building a logo and starting a website. More money has to be spent:
      1. Taking the web design out of diy-ville
      2. Continuing expansion of my skill level on the intricacies of social media and virtual officing for lawyers (conferences, courses, books)
      3.  Administration - bookkeeping, call management, social media dashboard, etc.
      4. Eventually, people (copywriters, project managers)
    11. Time prioritization:
      1. Direct pitches
      2. Expertise development
      3. Affinity/alliances
      4. Administration




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